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ACMA01: Find Resources for your Final Essay

You must use 3 sources for your final essay. You may use encyclopedia entries, books, scholarly articles, or newspaper articles.

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ACMA01: Research Project Fall 2015

ACMA01: Research Assignment

For your final assignment in ACMA01, you will compose a researched, analytic essay that applies course theory to the 2016 UTSC production of Bertolt Brecht’s classic play, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, directed by Professor Barry Freeman. The play runs March 10-12 and March 15-17 in UTSC’s Leigha Lee Browne Theatre (Main floor, S-Wing).

You must use 5 secondary sources for your research assignment. These sources can consist of journal articles and scholarly books. 

Choose one of the research questions provided to you by your instructor, or develop your own.  Then, use this website to look for resources.

Note:  You can use any combination of secondary sources you choose.  For example, you might use  1 book and 2 journal articles or 1 encyclopedia entry, 1 book, and one newspaper article, or  2 journal articles, 1 book, and 1 encyclopedia entry. 

It is very important, in this final assignment, that your work reflects the academic writing exercises and lessons you’ve received in ACMA01. This includes, but is not limited to: proper citations; accurate, appropriate, and properly formatted quotations; attentiveness to the needs of a potentially unfamiliar reader; a sense of what is at stake; awareness and appropriate use of the modes of writing; incorporation of metacommentary; summaries and paraphrases that introduce what “they say”; prose that “shows” rather than “tells”; and a strong leading claim. Look over the commentary for your previous essays to see the areas you’ve mastered, as well as the areas that still need work.

You are encouraged to review the tutorial writing lessons, if needed, as you will be held accountable for all the writing instruction you’ve received this term. ACMA01 provides students with a wealth of resources to strengthen academic writing abilities, so you should draw on all of these resources to write the best essay you can with these new or refined skills.