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Theses and Dissertations in the Sciences


Theses and Dissertations are valuable sources of information...

that can often be tricky to find.

This guide should help you in your quest for finding relevant works on various Science topics.

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UofT Online Theses

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NOTE: All theses from 2009- are submitted online to T-Space only.

Connect to T-Space to search for eTheses and Dissertations


How do I search for a paper copy of a University of Toronto thesis?

• For University of Toronto masters and doctoral theses in the sciences consult the library catalogue. Theses can be searched in the catalogue by author, title, or department.

• Note that: older theses are listed ONLY in the card catalogue situated by the Information Desk at Gerstein; cards indicate location either at Gerstein or in campus departments.  Ask at the Gerstein Information Desk for assistance.


Where do I find a paper copy in Gerstein?

• All theses are shelved by author name on 3-Below at the end of the Z call number range.
• microfiche copies of U of T masters theses in the sciences are held in the Media Commons (4th Floor), Robarts Library