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Dental and Oral Health Statistics and Data

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada does not currently have a designated dentistry or oral health survey, but the following health surveys contain variables relating to these topics. 

University of Toronto affiliates have access to the microdata sets behind the below surveys via SDA@CHASS and <odesi>. If you would like more information on how to access these portals, please speak to a librarian

For an example of the kinds of variables collected via the CHMS, see CANSIM table 117-0012.

For examples of the kinds of variables collected via the CCHS, see CANSIM tables 105-0060105-0066, and 105-0260, and 105-0460.

Besides health data, you may be interested in exploring data and statistics about the dentistry profession (employment, earnings, etc.). This data is often collected and provided through dental associations, but is also found via surveys such as the Job Vacancy and Wage Survey (JVWS).

For other dentistry and oral health surveys, see this list in <odesi>.

Other Sources for Canadian Data

Dentistry Library Print Materials

Some statistics and data are still only available in print or microdata format. The following titles contain historic and some recent statistics on Canadian dentistry and oral health. They represent only a small selection of the titles available through U of T Libraries. These titles were chosen to highlight some of the historical surveys used to collect dentistry and oral health data.

Faculty of Dentistry Theses

Survey information and data can also be found in the many of the theses that have been published here at the faculty.