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Pharmacy eResources: PHM384

Education Databases

How to search ERIC

Search Multiple Databases in Proquest

Databases to find Education Journals in the Sciences

A review of the education databases shows that they are not as current with journals that publish under the subjects of medical or science education. e.g. Medical Education or Academic Medicine.  In order to do a comprehensive search, you should include databases like Scopus or Web of Science.

Medical Education Journals

It is usually more efficient to search for journal articles using a database like ERIC or Scopus, but at times you might like to browse through a journal that publishes on your topic. Also, you can search for content at the journal's homepage. Below are some suggested medical education journal titles:

Citing your sources

Searching for Books

Try a variety of searches in the catalogue. Here are a few subject headings used:

  • Medical eduation
  • Pharmacy study and teaching
  • Education, pharmacy
  • Health education - this usually refers to consumer health or health education in K-12 schools
  • Other relevant education subject headings: Study and teaching, Curriculum planning, Education, higher